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You might notice a theme in my posts – I believe that food can create community in its most basic sense. And now that our communities are often more virtual than proximate, why not tap into that fact to create demand for healthy options?

Enter Foodsurge, a solution by a Detroit-area innovation team that calls themselves The Beet Squad.  Foodsurge uses social media fueled-tools to connect people with fast, nutritious meal options we can all get behind.

As a entry, Foodsurge has risen to be among the top two candidates in a competition whose winner gets the money and support to turn their idea into a reality. (The other top contender is a group from San Francisco that calls themselves the Udon Project.)

To quote the Foodsurge  mission:

Foodsurge is a platform that creates the connections between local producers of real food and area restaurants in order to create the quick, fast meal options the foodie community wants. Let’s group restaurants, farms, growers and eaters to create a better system that provides real, healthly and quick food options for everyone.

Similar to group buying sites, Foodsurge connects people with providers by using a voting-style method that ensures demand and availability for both parties.


Foodsurge 30 sec (Original Music – version 2) from Gary Wohlfeill on Vimeo.

Naturally, Detroit’s emphasis on food as a way to reinvent itself makes this project the perfect venue to bring attention to the intentions of the progressive Detroit Foodie Community. Don’t wait to cast your vote, as voting ends tomorrow! Show you support for this idea by going to yoxi to register for an account, and HERE to vote for Foodsurge/Beet Squad!

Learn more about the project by reading this story from the Detroit News Hub….and spread the word!!!